Sunday, 18 September 2011

Travelling Dogs

Our dogs go almost everywhere with us.  The majority of any time away includes them.  These trips provide fabulous socialization and as a result our dogs have learned to be comforable in most situations.  We camp in our travel trailer in the summer and in the winter we rent dog-friendly accomodations for any ski time or other visits.  This week marks the final camping trip of the year.  Our trailer "winters" on Vancouver Island with family who have a much larger area to park it so we generally wind up the season with a trip to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  

Stella is already a seasoned car traveller.  Both dogs wear seatbelts in our vehicle which keeps all of us safe and she has already learned to travel quietly.  She does however sometimes get bored and has a few minutes with a "pawwwwty for one" which involves her making all sorts of strange noises, pawing at the seat and bouncing as much as she is able.  She then settles down to regular travel mode.  Considering she is only a 15 week puppy she does very well!

We spent last night with family and she slept very well in her collapsible crate.  This is a good step for her to learn to be crated in unfamiliar environments which will be great when we get to dog competitions later on.

So we are here in Tofino and managed to squeek in a shorter beach walk this afternoon when we arrived.   Stella was thrilled with so many things to pick up on the beach that I was willing to trade cookies to have her drop :o).  Riley just loves everything about the beach so he is in doggy heaven here.

Lots more beach adventures will follow this week.

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