Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Beaches and bath time

We had an absolutely stunning west coast day on the beach yesterday.  The dogs had lots of fun and we learned that Stella is gonna be one of those "roll on gross things" dogs.  Lucy was that way especially in her younger years but it has not been something that Riley has really enjoyed.  That is probably due to his fixation on the ball or frisbee.  Stella however was gleefully rolling in the sand and we were smiling like doting parents before it dawned on us that she might be doing something more then just enjoying the warm sand.  She was rolling on a dead animal carcass ... likely a seal.  The carcass was mainly just fur but it was enough to make her smell pretty bad. 

That adventure landed Stella her first bath when we returned back to the trailer.  That was the fastest bath I have ever given a dog.  With labradors there is a double coat and you must work to get the water all the way through to the skin and then lather and rinse.  Stella's coat was soooooo much easier so she was in and out in less than five minutes.  She was not thrilled and we had to wrap her up after to keep warm but she definately smelled much better!

Here are some pictures from our beach walking adventure.

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  1. Oh - the smelly dog business!! Perfume to them is ugh to us! But yes, V's are very easy & fast to wash!! Another blessing of owning this breed.

    PS - your latest posts are appearing on my Blog now. I've had TONS of computer problems lately so haven't been able to update my Blog; working right now from my laptop which doesn't have my files & pics on it. Hugs to Stella (smelly or not!).