Saturday, 24 September 2011

Beach fun

We have wrapped up our visit to Long Beach (Tofino) on the "wet" coast which more than lived up to it's nick name.  We started our time with a few beautiful days of sunshine, had one horrible weather day in the middle and then two normal rainy days.  The dogs were still happy to go for their daily beach adventure although on the really horrible day Stella was quite chilled.  Luckily my friend K had brought a few small dog size coats for us to try for her.  The next rainy days she wore her a dog coat and that seemed to make her much more comfortable.  The labs in our life have rarely needed jackets and Riley especially hates to wear anything (harness, coat, boots etc). 

Rainy days on the beach are still great fun as long as you are dressed for the weather.  There were a lot of surfers out enjoying the big waves which is both inspiring and entertaining to watch.  Today I got quite the surprise on our final walk as we happened upon a dead sea lion.  It was very windy last night so the high tides washed up a bunch of new logs, tons of seaweed etc. and a few icky things. 

Here are a few quick videos of the dogs.

and some more pictures ....

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  1. Sounds like the pooches had a terrific time!! Thanks so much for posting photos & videos.