Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mud Puppy

Stella's count for today .... damage one phone, kill one coaster, one mud puddle up to her neck and the award for best recall at puppy class.  It was a busy day for a puppy :o).

This morning she was sleeping so soundly I didn't bother to crate her while I ran upstairs and did a few things.  I came back downstairs to find the phone missing a portion of the antenna plastic and a coaster missing a few chunks.  Lesson learned, never count on a sleeping puppy to stay sleeping.

On our walk today Riley went through a big mud ditch and Stella watched from the sidelines.  He later got cleaned up in a stream and on the way back I put him on leash to prevent a repeat performance.  Stella obviously thought that she needed to try his adventure and did a cannonball leap from the trail (drop about 1.5 feet) into the mud.  I think she was pretty surprised that she ended up in mud up to her neck.  We then all had to turn around and head back to the stream where I managed to get enough mud off to let her back into the car.

Tonight was puppy class.  We are enrolled in two different puppy classes as I have some scheduling conflicts and will miss a bunch of our monday puppy classes this month.  I work with both these instructors with Riley and they both have great things to offer.  Tonight was our second class in our wednesday sessions.  The puppies (eight) got to socialize with each other with lots of happy recalls out of the group.  We also worked on a sphinx down, wait and got to do a mini dog walk (agility).  Stella did very well.  She has lots of focus and is quite comfortable in that group setting.  We had a competition at the end of class for the fastest restrained recall and she won!

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  1. Life is never dull with a Vizsla, esp a V puppy! She figured you needed some new technology in the house. And with her black legs, she was simply doing her best fox impression!