Friday, 25 May 2012

Camping fun

This past weekend was a long weekend and the first camping of the season.  The weather was fabulous friday, saturday and a mixed rain/cloud mixture for sunday and monday.   The campground is attached to a wonderful dog-friendly beach so the dogs got to romp and play on the beach every day.   Stella had a few short camping trips last year as a puppy but then the season was over so I was curious to see how she would settle in.  She loved it!  We all had a great time but unfortunately Riley overdid things and had a significant setback on his recovery.  He had been back to almost full activity levels and was doing well but on the last day he did a wierd jump, tackle & turn move that didn't go very well and he has been sore all week now.  I think I am going to have his back and hips xrayed next week to see if we have something serious going on.  He is registered for a trial this weekend so I will see how he is and decide what to do then but might scratch him.

We also snuck in a lovely visit to friends who own a dog therapy swimming pool.  Their vizslas are closely related to Stella.   The dogs got to go swimming and we all had a wonderful time.  Riley had never been there before so he was a little unsure of the ramp but soon figured it out and was splashing in and out like a pro.  Stella had been there once before so she also enjoyed it but prefered if I was in the water with her.  I think she is going to be a dog that is happy to swim and doesn't mind water but I don't think she will have a real "love" for water.  That could still change this summer when she is exposed to a lot more swimming opportunities. 

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Swimming fun

Shandy (aunt), Murphy (cousin 3 weeks older), Stella

Cheeky Girl

Riley's version of doggy heaven

Missy Stella Bean almost grown up


  1. Enjoyed the pics. Looks like everyone had a great time, despite the setback for Riley. Strong Vizsla family resemblance! Hope Riley recovers soon. Sometimes soft tissue injuries take a LONG time to heal. Sending good thoughts & wishes his way & hugs to Stella!

    1. Lots more pics of our girl camping on facebook if you are interested. Thanks so much for the well wishes.