Thursday, 17 November 2011


I started reading Susan Garrett's blog a few years ago and quite enjoyed her philosophy of dog training.  She posted a blog about dogs having a good recall that started a huge conversation and then that eventually flowed into her offering her first "5 minute formula for a brilliant recall" online course which I enrolled in.  That was just before we said our goodbye to Lucy so I really enjoyed having some focus to work with Riley even if I didn't quite complete all the exercises.

She offered the course again this past spring and generously rewarded past particiants so once again we enjoyed it.  The daily "games" are about building a great recall but even more than that they are a wonderful way to have training fun with your dog.  I regularly use some of the games we learned to keep focus with Riley when training and Stella has also learned some of the basics.  Just the other day I had made a mental note to myself to keep up the "fun" for Stella in her recalls.  She has a very good recall and I need to not take that for granted especially as we move through the remains of her first year.

Susan Garrett is once again gearing up to offer the course and is running a contest for previous participants to make a video about their experiences.   This is my contribution and I encourage anyone to participate.


  1. Thanks for sharing- I'd love to take an online course. Send me the link when she posts it!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I only recently heard of Susan Garrett, but I am always interested in learning new, positive methods. Off to check out her blog.... :-)

  3. Good work, sis! I keep hearing that I need to take a Recallers course (or, is it boot camp???). I don't understand why since I have precision-tuned hearing. Oh, wait, is someone calling me? Let me hear again...NAH...wrong inflection. :o)