Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dog sitting and snow

Stella is six months old today.   Any big celebrations are going to have to wait a few days as I kissed both dogs and cats goodbye today and headed out with hubby on an annual ski trip.  This trip is taken with approx 85 members of our cross-country ski club so unfortunately there is no place for the dogs to accompany us. 

This is one of the few times in a year that the dogs do not travel with us on our holidays.  In prior years my mom has looked after the dogs but last year I hired a friend as a dog sitter.  Mom is very capable of looking after the dogs (Riley plus her dog Sam) except for being able to give them the exercise that they need.  The two boys together are just to much dog for my 70+ mom to handle walking.  Last year worked out very well with hiring my friend.  She is a total animal lover so was very understanding of the three pages of instruction I prepared for her regarding looking after the animals.  She also faithfully emailed me an update each night so I would know she got home from her work and all was well at the house.

This year we planned to have my friend sit again but I was worried that Stella was to young to spend a full day crated while she was at work.  I considered a few options including sending Stella to stay somewhere else while Riley stayed at home. Luckily my mom and my friend agreed to stay at my house together so friend could walk the dogs etc but Stella wouldn't need to be crated all day.  It is best for everyone even if it is a wee bit difficult on my wallet!

I know that all my animals are receiving excellent care and lots of love but that doesn't stop me from missing them and worrying about them just a little.   The first few nights of sleeping in a bed without a cat plastered against me or dogs snoring, shifting, licking etc. seem blissful but it doesn't take long until I want my familiar routine.   In february we will be skiing again but this time the dogs will join us in our snowshoe and ski adventures.   Hopefully Stella will have grown into her warm coat by then :o).

These pics are from a snowshoe adventure with Riley last year.  He LOVES snow and constantly sticks his face in snowbanks and runs blindly along with his head under the snow.   Silly dog!

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