Friday, 28 October 2011

Stella's Adventures

I am continuing to work with Stella on obstacles while we are out and about.  My hope is that this will help develop her rear end awareness as she continues to grow.  Additionally she will be comfortable with being in strange positions and have confidence about attempting new obstacles which should help us with dog sports later in her life.  Plus we have fun!

We also attend classes two days per week with her and am very pleased with her focus and ability to work/play with me in distracting environments.  She has gained a lot of confidence when meeting other dogs and plays very nicely.  All in all I just love this puppy! 

Here is a video of some of our recent adventures.


  1. I am SOOO happy and glad that you "just love this puppy"! It was bringing tears to my eyes as I watched your video knowing how lucky Stella is to be with you and how fortunate I am to have you as a client. And of course Stella is so beautiful and so talented. A breeder's dream come true!!