Sunday, 2 October 2011


Stella was four months old at the end of September (born May 31).  The "experts" state that this means she is at the end of the key socializing period.  That does not mean that we stop socializing the pup and expect the lessons learned to date will last the lifetime of the dog if they never leave their backyard again.  In my opinion is is important to build on the socializing to date by continuing to meet lots of people and dogs as well as ask for the pup to work in new and different areas. 

I live in a big city but am lucky enough to live near the mountains with access to lots of great hiking trails.  There is also a popular off-leash walking area close to our local river.  What I really like about this area is that we meet lots of different kinds of dogs but most people are always walking.  This is a great place for pups to learn how to do a quick polite great and then move on.  It means that dogs rarely develop the "gang" mentality and intimidate other dogs which can happen at many dog parks where everyone is just hanging around.  Some dogs hit it off right away and in that case most people stop for a quick play session.  Stella really had some fun today with a weimeraner pup, a springer spaniel and a few other dogs.

We walked both dogs in that area this weekend to give Stella lots of experience.  She can be somewhat timid upon first meeting new dogs which is very appropriate puppy behaviour for her age.  I want her to be comfortable with greeting (or ignoring other dogs if appropriate) and being around all sorts and sizes of dogs.  I also don't want a dog that always wants to continuously play with other dogs which can be hard in the future when we want to compete in obedience or agility.   She had a great time on the walks and gained a lot of confidence. 

Here are a few pics of today's outing.

                 Trying to keep her butt on the ground in her sit but something is tempting her :o). 

A very poor attempt at stacking on an uneven rock but her face looks pretty here. 
 Heh Riley, why do you like this cold water so much?

A much better self stack by Stella plus smiling Riley's happy face.

 Tired puppy in her seatbelt cuddled up to Riley on way home.


  1. Love the photo of them standing on the rocks- they both look good. And of course a passed out Vizsla is a very good thing :)

  2. Great photos! Love your posts. Thanks so much.