Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vacation Part 2

This is a follow up post to Oregon camping vacation part 1.  The second week of our holiday was spent camping on the gorgeous Oregon coast near Florence.   Florence is about mid-coast and is surrounded by spectacular sand dunes and beaches.    There is something about the wild west coast beaches (OR, WA and Tofino) that speaks to my soul and leaves me feeling both rested and rejuvenated.  Oregon is very dog friendly and it is easy to find deserted stretches of beach to romp and play.  We had great weather the entire week and only had fog on the final day.

I would say based on the following pics that the dogs had a pretty good holiday!


  1. Those dogs don't look like they had any fun at all. How horrible that you dragged them along on a boring human trip. ;-)

  2. Donna, totally agree! He he! Thinking I'd like to visit Oregon one day - soon!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the one of Stella digging! And that last one with her shadow in the sand, very cool. Looks like a ton of fun!