Sunday, 3 June 2012

A trial and bad news

Last weekend the dogs and I headed over to Victoria for a dog trial.  This was Stella's very first trial.  I had originally planned to just take her along to introduce her to the environment and see how comfortable she was with the crating, noises and other dogs.  Last minute as I was submitting the entries I decided what the heck I would enter Stella in one round of rally novice each day.  Once I entered her there was a few mild moments of panic when I checked the exercises and realized I had a few things I had to teach quickly.

Riley has been injured the past month or so and had aggravated that injury the weekend before so he also had basically no training or work in the time leading up to the trial.  Needless to say I didn't hold high hopes for our success. We headed over on friday night in time for the "correction" matches and to set up all of our gear.  During the practice with Riley he slipped on the floor and again seemed quite sore.  I was all set to scratch him for the weekend but after a nights rest he seemed more comfortable.  He wasn't quite his normal self and his sits were slow but we did manage to finish off his pre-novice title and his final two rounds of Rally Excellent title so I was very proud of my handsome dog.  We moved up for a round of novice obedience which didn't go so well but considering he wasn't feeling great and there was a lot of distractions I wasn't that disappointed.  That same weekend there was a confirmation show and a horse show on the same grounds as our trial.  The trial was indoors but it was hot so all the doors were open and we shared some areas with the outdoor confirmation show.

Stella was wonderful in her two classes.  Her first round was a 96 and won her first place in the class.  She would have had a 99 but I screwed up and mishandled a turn.  I even managed to screw it up again on the redo!  Riley reads my body language better so I didn't provide the extra information she needed for the about turn.    Her second class also went very well and we scored a 95 and second place.  I was very proud of my happy, bouncy bean because even though she was a little distracted she was happy, comfortable and worked well in the ring with me.  I am even starting to see a few moments of lovely attention heeling with her which I have only just begun to start working.  She also seems quite at ease in all the chaos and other dogs which makes me very happy!

Here is the video of our first rally round.

It was a nice weekend away and on our return home we were all exhausted.  This week I took Riley in for his xrays and received the horrible news that his left hip is quite dysplasic.  I am still trying to digest that information and process all that means for the future.  I'm generally a pretty accepting person but when my furries are hurt I get all knotted up. I've had quite a few crying moments while this has been happening but will post later this week with more information.  Please keep my wonderful big dog in your thoughts.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about Riley :(((

    I've been dealing with Zoe's tumor lately, so I know how it is to have a sick pup. I feel so awful for her (telling her she can't come jog with me in the mornings). Hopefully you can find a good solution- keep us updated!

    1. Yes, these high energy happy dogs just don't know how to turn it off so it is so hard to restrict them. Thanks for the good wishes and the same to Zoe!

  2. Congratulations on the great scores, Q's and the RE title! And special congratulations on Stella's performance & her first trial. AWESOME work! I am sure Riley can be helped; great improvements have been made in veterinary medicine for hip dysplasia. I sure know how you feel when our 'furries' hurt.

  3. Congratulations on everyone's success in the ring! Sorry to hear about Riley's hip - hopefully you'll find the best course of action soon. ~ Corrine

  4. First off, congrats on the two titles with Riley and the two Rally legs with Stella. Sounds like a very good weekend all around, and glad Stella had a lot of fun her first experience. So sorry to hear about Riley's hip. It's never easy when our friends are diagnosed with something long term - I hope your vet provides you with some things to help ease his pains.