Saturday, 14 January 2012

In the moment

One of the best things about dogs is the joy they have for life.  This week was an anniversary of when my dad died and I was feeling sad and missing him a lot.  That same day I took the dogs walking and as I watched them zoom around and play I couldn't help but smile and laugh.  Stella's latest favourite game is to steal Riley's ball and have him chase her to get it back.  He is faster on the flats but she can out maneuver him with her quick twists and turns.  If he gives up then she just comes closer and almost stuffs the ball in his mouth to taunt him back to the game.  I had worried that he might not be thrilled to share his precious ball but he seems to enjoy the game as much as she does.   Our daily walks bring balance to my life and I love watching them enjoying life so much.  Dogs have such appreciation for the moment and they are a good reminder to appreciate the little things.  Life really is pretty good!

 Can I have your stick Riley?

 Tug, tug, tug

 Is this the ball you want Riley?

 Nanananabooboo, I've got the ball .....



  1. I totally agree! Their happiness is so infectious- they can always cheer me up.

  2. Our William is great fun to watch too but I do miss the dynamics of 2 dogs.
    I recently posted one of Sylvia's photos of Miska and her litter.
    Your Stella makes me smile every time I look at it!

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